Our coatings can be used to coat almost any material type;




Applying DuralBond to porous construction materials such as stone, concrete and marble makes them hydrophobic. Water no longer absorbs into the material carrying with it contaminants that can lead to staining.  Materials that age quickly such as concrete can remain looking like new for years.

When water absorbs into porous materials during the day and then freezes at night.  The ice crystals expand in volume causing the solid material structure to break apart.  Over time this damage causes bricks, concrete etc to disintegrate.  Introducing a hydrophobic surface to the material prevents this damage from occurring by preventing water absorption.  

Porous stones are also excellent growth media for plants such as moss. As the plants grow, the roots can travel into the material and cause damage over time as well as ruining the look of the material.  Until now, regular maintenance has been the most effective long term solution to this problem.  DuralBond stops moss and other plants and microbes from growing on the material.  Reducing maintenance time and increasing the new look of the substrate for longer.



Most metals usually require some kind of surface treatment to protect the material.  This usually takes the form of various primer and paint layers.  Using a transparent ceramic coating such as DuralBond not only results in a superior protective layer, but also enables the natural colour and finish of the metal to be displayed.

Dural bond can even be applied over treated surfaces to add an additional protective layer which helps maintain the desired finish of the material.



Wood is an extremely versatile and beautiful material.  In order to preserve wood for longer, it is often treated with a variety of stains, varnishes etc.  With DuralBond, you can protect the wood yet maintain its natural untreated finish. Alternatively, DuralBond can be applied directly to a treated wood finish to increase its durability and further reduce the absorption of the wood.



The range of modern textiles is extensive and dwarfed only by the even larger range of applications.  DuralBond can turn even the most water absorbing textiles into water proof layers.  Whether its woven cotton, leather, nylon or paper, we can prevent your textiles from damaging water and stains.