Marine Maintenance

The ultimate drag reduction and anti-fouling solution

IMO Certified

DuralBond X and Air have been tested and certified by the IMO, an internationally recognized certification organisation that is focused on keeping our waters pollution and contaminant free, NGT Industrial (Pty) Ltd. and Choose NanoTech SA deliver the best quality bio-fouling resistant coatings on the market, to ensure a long lasting solution to marine and equipment maintenance.

Drag Reduction

DuralBond is a chemically binding nano ceramic coating, The nano particles fill any uneven surface pores and bind permanently to the surface, leaving a super slick and clear shiny finish. Once coated, DuralBond greatly reduces surface friction and drag up to 3.33% when compared to a newly repaired hull that has been treated with any of the conventional coatings, This is measured regardless of any algae or bio-organic buildup.  The fantastic anti-fouling properties will ensure your boat remains in peak performance for 3-5 years.

CHOOSE Nano Marine Coating Properties

a) Super Hydrophobic

Our coatings can provide superior anti-wetting hydrophobic performance, even to normally absorbent and porous materials.

b) Anti Corrosion

Corrosion of materials occurs as the surface chemically reacts with the element. Our coatings produce a transparent, inert ceramic layer between the protected surface and the environment to help minimize the corrosive effect and highly reduces frequency of maintenance and surface treatment.

c) Self Cleaning

Keeping surfaces clean can be time=consuming and costly, especially when it comes to hard to reach areas. Our coatings provide a self-cleaning effect between the material and the exposed environment, reducing dust and dirt build-up. The nano particles fill up the microscopic pores on the surface of the substrate, reducing surface friction. This ensures an extremely slick surface with no open pores for dirt or contamination to cling onto. The super hydrophobic effects of the nano-particles then ensure that any further contamination on the coating surface can simply be rinsed away with water.  The result is a surface with self-cleaning properties that significantly reduces the time and effort required to maintain and clean any surface.