Advanced Coating Solutions - DuralBond X and Air

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Our DuralBond X and DuralBond Air products are extremely unique to the Nano Ceramic market. They are designed to be extremely durable using the same chemical bonding technology as our revolutionary KubeBond, Nano Ceramic coating, however one layer of Duralbond is equivalent to roughly 10 layers of KubeBond. Duralbond is regarded as of the hardest ceramic coatings in the world with a record hardness of 9H, without loosing any great benefits such as the super hydrophobic water contact angle. Withstanding 800+ degrees Celsius, it can be applied directly to a bare metal surface or on finished painted surfaces and non conductive circuit protection. It has extremely good anti corrosion properties and an advanced chemical resistance, The list goes on. Most importantly, for the first time in South Africa, NGT Industrial and CHOOSE NanoTech SA now exclusively offer this next generation Technology to the industrial market, linking the future to now.

In addition to sales and distribution we also specialise in the application of, and training on the application of, all nano ceramic coatings as well as auto detailing for nano surface protection.